Warning and sound background needed

Hey so I am in need of a warning , sound background I will credit you in my story thanks and please help also DM me on diva.episode

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I’ll do it :grin:

I don’t have insta so I can’t dm u :confused:

No worries I will share the details here so
Warning- make it look cute as mine is a romantic story make the background like pink-purple and write in stylish letters the warning (themes & language) then on the bottom I would like to place some character (tell me that should I send you a picture or the details)
Sound background- same tho that some cute design and write" this story uses sound turn up volume for best experience" AND again I would like to place some characters (-) in the background place a headphone or something
Thanks btw reply fast.

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I would need ur characters :grin:

Here is the character I would only like to use this character on the side of the warning or sound or something just make it look apt for a romantic story other things are up to you

I’m making the other one rn :grin:

Please credit me on episode @angelxzriahli

Thankyou souch they’re beautiful and yes I will credit you

Closed: Marked correct post as solved. Thanks to everyone for the help :v: