Warning Error ?!?!

Why does this error keep popping up ? …

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Hey can you please mention the body type of Aurora?


Oh ok, Just a sec

I am also having this error

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The error is showing up because the animation is only available for male characters.

Instead of that animation, you can go for idle_armscrossed_angry_loop (this is the most alike animation)

Hope this helps… @Marissaa.epyy @Ash_Jas


Then why does it show up on the animations for females ?

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well idk about that, the animations shown on the side table are the ones that work…

Thank you :revolving_hearts: … this helped !! :revolving_hearts:

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No problem :yellow_heart:

I checked the animations (just to make sure) but still it’s not showing up so… ig it’s an error for you?

Sorry I was looking at the wrong thing.

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That happens hehe, Good luck with your story!

This has happened to SO MANY people sadly its a glitch, it’s happened to me and I had to just change the animation :slightly_frowning_face: