Warning message but code seems fine

Hey, as i was writing down some code after a long break, i noticed that an animation wasn’t working and there was an orange warning saying :

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong ? :sob:

This is a glitch, if the animation works for that character, you can just ignore it, if not you need to change the animation.

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nah the animation doesn’t appear for the character, i’ll indeed have to change the animation but that’s very annoying…
Thanks for your reply!

i think eyeroll_sarcastic will look exactly the same, theyre not very different at all
it is very annoying though.

I’m using ink so this animation doesn’t exist i think…

ohh I always assume limelight lol, sorry.

no worries, i just always stick to ink because that’s what i “grew up” with but totally understand why people like LL since they still update it… anyways do you know how to close this uh- i haven’t been here since 2020 ;-;

tag @/Sydney_H to close a thread :slight_smile:

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