Warning problems! HELP ME PLEASE!

@TOLLIA stands at zone 3 in 2


What would be the number if i wanted Tollia and another charcter talk to each other in a far right

It works but what is the number if you want them lower?

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Hey, Megan!

You should click on Directing Help and then go to Spot Helper. You can then drag the character and place them wherever you want. Once you find the desired spot, just copy+paste and insert the command from the bar below it into your script

Hope this helps!.

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In guides?

I can’t find it! Is it in guides aprilish?

No, no, it’s not in the guides. It should show on your screen when you preview your story.

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Then do I press swich tool: scale?

Yeah. Scale helps you to change the size of your characters, and move allows you to move your characters around the screen. You can play with their size and positions until you find what you want. After that, you have do copy paste whatever command you get in the bar below:


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Thanks you have been a huge help!

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You’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I understand that you might’ve just started out with your first story, but I strongly recommend going through these guides before you continue. Not only will it help you out in coding and writing your story, but it’ll also be a lot less time consuming once you’ve learnt how everything works.

Good luck! xxx

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