Warning! Super Beginner!


Hi. I’m super confused on how to do any coding whatsoever. I’ve got all the characters down, but I don’t know how to make the characters move into the backdrop, switch the backdrop to the backdrop I want, or at all! Any of those types of basic steps and what the coding means would really help me! Almost anything could be a tip as long as it’s about something on creating! Thanks so much!


To change the background, you just have to put a new background name in the script. To place your character, you can either use the basic command : @CHARACTER stands screen center (for example). Or you can use the spot : @CHARACTER spot xyz. I suggest you to read the script of some stories that episode wrote (you can find them in the portal). It’ll really help you! You can also read the guides, a lot of basic and advanced directing is explained in this!


Thanks so much!