Warning when creating overlay

My sctipt wont let me add an overlay.
I type- @overlay [name of overlay] create
And it gives me a warning :

Here is the script:

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I’m not really sure but how about doing this
@overlay FRAME1 create AND overlay FRAME1 moves to layer 2 AND overlay FRAME1
shifts to [ ] …
and the rest is the same.

After every create command, add the opacity commands. Like this -

@overlay FRAME13 create 
@overlay FRAME13 opacity (whatever opacity you want 0-1) 
@overlay FRAME14 create 

And so on…

Like you need to mention the opacities after the create command else it will show error and won’t display the overlay.
And also, don’t write the create commands altogether. Write like this -

&overlay FRAME13 create 
&overlay FRAME13 opacity ___ 
&overlay FRAME13 shifts to ____ in __
&overlay FRAME13 scales to ___ in __ 
&overlay FRAME14 create 

And end the last overlay command by using @.
This may help.

The overlay commands don’t work with the AND command.

Overlay commands do work with both AND and THEN.

It would be best to use a different background. Overlays tend to not work well with the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background. The background image is extremely tiny so overlays end up extremely huge on that specific background and trying to shift/scale then gets really complicated. I’d suggest to upload your own all black background, or use zone 2 of INT. BLUE - DAY

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I’m pretty sure that’s only the case if it’s all one overlay in that line. I don’t think you can have overlay commands in one line

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Yeah you cannot use overlay commands in one line. But overlay with backgrounds can be written together.

Yes you can have a bunch of overlays on one line.

Yeah ok I trust you better than anyone lol

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