Warnings of INK animations

Hello everyone,

I wanted to speak about why are INK animations disappearing/giving errors. Some animations like idle_read_phone_neutral or sit_type_loop are giving warnings in stories. Why is that? Why can’t I publish my story? I wish Episode fixed this, there’s lots of people who still read and write INK style. Please, just fix these animations.


Are you referring to the imitated body types bug? If so, I definitely agree with you in that Episode should fix it instead of leaving it, but you should still be able to publish with warnings (but not with errors). :thinking:

Yes! I meant that :slight_smile: Still, it’s worrying to know that the animations may display as “idle” :frowning: I hope people keep talking about this and Episode notices.

I’ve never experienced the bug myself (not sure if I’m just lucky or if the bug only applies to certain animations and I just haven’t used them yet) but

I’d be worried about this too. I’m not sure how often they really are displayed as idle though, but I’m sure others who’ve had the bug or still have it would know or have a better idea.

I have the exact same thing, it’s so annoying :persevere: Luckily, you can publish your story with the warnings.
I’ve read my chapters many times (for checking on errors) and it never happened for me that the character is just showing the idle animation, so I think the readers have the same experience.

Hey I get that problem with my story and honestly it’s a pain in the butt cuz I’m new to coding so I’m not sure if it’s because I have it worded wrong or because of the bug/glitch . But don’t worry your not alone on this one .

The good thing is that the animations work it’s just that warning that worries me, but for now it’s safe. There’s still animations like talk_point_up_pretentious where it doesn’t appear with the typical green color as the rest of animations, lately INK has not been working really well, I just hope they don’t get rid of it :frowning:

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Yea the animation still works and it dosent happen to all the animations . I do know most of the dance animations will have that warning and honestly it’s a pain . Like I said I wish they would/could update it to get ride of that glitch . Also I as well hope they don’t get ride of INK .