Was today the worst day?!

Omg today had been eventful :joy:
I broke my laptop and there was a fire on the hill behind my house lmao.
I was giving my sister her hydro flask and well, it fell, spun and hit the corner of my laptop and well this is what happened !

Around 9pm, fireworks started going off and when there was the first bang, nothing happened but after the second my sister said what’s that out the window and well, I looked and there was a massive fire. This is the second fire on this hill within the time I’ve lived in this house.

So today has been very eventful and not in a good way. I just find it hailorious on how I broke my own laptop. :joy:


I am a veryyyy, veryyyyy cheap person so if I broke my laptop, I’d cry. Not because it’s broken, but because then I’d have to spend money to buy a new one :sob:


I’m literally about to turn 14 in two weeks :sweat_smile: I did cry when it happened but then I laughed on how it happened. I’m just glad I got a tv in my room today to help pass quarantine :hushed: and I kinda of know how it feels I come from a poor family :anguished:


ohhh happy early b day!!!

The perks of being poor is that I know ways of saving money :money_mouth_face:

Hope you have a better day tomorrow <3


Aww thank you and I just wish my mum could save it, she’s out 24/7 even with this quarantine. Shopping or helping my nan with flowers. And I hope so too, thank you x♡


that’s scary. I’d be terrifieddd. Shops are still open for you? A lot of places are closed down for me, other than grocery stores

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Yeah, most places are, stocks are going back up for us


I WISH that’s as the case for me :pleading_face:

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Today wasn’t terrible, but it was a bad day on the forums. I’ve been trying to become more active on the forums lately, but that means more people will disagree with what I have to say. I guess you can’t please everybody :woman_shrugging:

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Oof, sorry about your day. I’m a little late, though. I hope things have turned out okay. :hugs:

It did, thank you lol :innocent:

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