Wassup! Guess who it is again...I need some background characters for a story I'm writing!ASAP

Hey! So obviously I need some background characters for my story…give me the details and I will credit you!

ink or ll

LL please

keep the crown
credit: @queenscribbles on instagram

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Here’s mine! No need to credit me or anything since I made the character card myself.


You don’t need to credit me.

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Thanks you everybody for the characters! Also I’m kinda new to this, do you have to keep the characters in the outfits that the other people have put them in or can you change the outfits to fit your story?

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instagram: @episode.mistletoe
you can change their outfits if you want!

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Thanks! Your characters are so cute

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aww no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thank you!!

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Please add rectangular thin glasses to Alec.

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Neutral 03
Furrowed Straight S (black jet)
Messy Undercut (black dark)
Monolid Slender (brown black)
Chiseled Angular Stubble
Straight Flat
Medium Straight Natural (Neutral medium nude gloss)

Rose 02
Round thin (ginger red)
Short Side Part Curly (ginger red)
Male Generic (red)
Diamond Soft
Straight Flat
Full Heart Natural (beige light gold matte)

Female Generic Body

Rose 03

Arched Thick Styled (deep brown)

Straight Medium (medium warm brown)

Female Generic (dark brown)


Round Button

Full Heart Pouty (pink warm matte)

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if you use can u change the hair to long shaved side plz

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Ooo funn! I love them, thanks!

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Will do!

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@Breezy_Stories are the last two married or are they just related? Also, they are so cute!:heart:

Character card By @_Crystal

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