WATERLILY Art - Free drawn cover or art scene (CLOSED)

Hello episode writers! I need to practice character paintings, so I thought I’ll take a “commission” for practice :slight_smile: If no one is interested, hope we can pretend this never happened :sweat_smile:

I have a work in progress example, I’m not very comfortable with sharing other art yet.


Read rules:

  • Common sense rules apply. All my art is unique and hand made. No copying, stealing, tracing, claiming my work as yous.
  • Your story must be published OR you can send me a link to read your unpublished story (at least 2 chapters - if you do not want to sent me a link, at least provide some excuse, dont just ignore this point ;)) )
  • Feel free to request changes to your art, I am happy to make any smaller adjustments, but please nothing drastic like completely changing the pose or clothing.
  • I accept only LL characters. I will need all character details and extras - like freckles.
  • I can make simple tattoos, but nothing too complicated.
  • Max. of 2 characters waist up, gender does not matter.
  • I am making this as a practice, please do not treat this as a request thread. I will pick from your forms based on whichever story or characters catch my eyes.
  • Again, this is only for practice, no deadline or rushing me.
  • By applying, you agree that the art I make for you will be published as part of my portfolio, on instagram or here on forums. However, we will discuss a date when I can publish it, to avoid any spoilers for your story or such.

I have already chosen from the entries, this thread is now closed. I am only keeping it so I don’t loose all these filled-out forms :slight_smile:.


Omg your art is gorgeous:)


Would you also do art scenes? It can be in the format of the cover if that’s better

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I guess there’s not much difference…so sure! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Hi, what exactly do you need help with? To fill out the form, just copy the text to your comment and write your answers.

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Wow! Your art is very beautiful! Can I request 2 similar art scenes? :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Thank you! I guess it depends how similar. I’d rather give more people chance to get cover/art scene than making 2 pieces for one person. But if it’s only small changes, than yes.

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The similarity will be reversing of the characters’ genders in the scenes :sweat_smile: but it’s alright, you are doing it for practice and I don’t wanna burden you with it :sweat_smile:

Hey… I do not need something as of now… But I’d definitely request you once I publish my story… But I M seriously in love with your artwork… It’s just awesome! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Pose and reference



The photo is just a shoulder up so the whole outfit won’t be used

Hair and style
Color: Chestnut Brown
Style: Over Shoulder Braid
Lipgloss: Rose Gloss

On the side or anywhere it can be noticeable can it be written: XO’s Mae

Hi, please add the girls hair and lip color! Thanks :slight_smile:
** and boys eye color

I love your art, it looks beautiful and it looks so professional.

  • Your story title, author name (exactly as should be written on the cover), and if it’s not published, include a link to read your story (you can sent me the link to private message if you do not wish to publish it here) Title - Free Throw, Author - Yaz & Chan, Story link in private
  • Genre and description of story ROMANCE - Sage’s past always seems to hold her back but when Elijah chooses to take a shot at her heart, will he make the free throw?
  • Gender and number of characters One male and one female
  • Short description of characters. Personality or looks, whatever you deem important to you.Female has big curly hair and tan skin and i will send pictures of the characters. The female character is also very shy
  • Full character details. If you have real life muses for your characters, pictures please :wink: .
  • Outfit and accessories the character(s) should be wearing. Doesn’t have to be an episode outfit, feel free to post any pinterest or other picture
  • Pose (must include picture for reference!)
  • Your vision of the cover, mood, colors, anything you think I should know.Anything including basketball, romance or just anything that you think looks cute

tumblr_0554649f82031a3a3f0309d9262716b9_c5c26459_500|333x500 female outfit but without the hat and if you could make the dress white instead of pink

i cant’t send all of the images because it won’t allow me but i could send that in private and if the design is too complicated i could simplify it

Sure, you can sent to private here on forums, or to my instagram @goldenwaterlily, whatever you prefer :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks i’ll send them too you on instagram now.

And could you not put the author name please :grin: :heart: :heart:

Your art is amazing :heart_eyes: Sadly, my story is in ink style :pensive:

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:heart: :heart:

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