WATERLILY Cover Art Shop

Hello and welcome to my Waterlily Cover Art Shop ! This is the new version of my previous Waterlily Art & Edit Shop. You can always visit the old thread to see all of my art examples :slight_smile: I decided to start fresh, and I have implemented some changes and new things. Please note there are now:

  • Requirements: this is the first step to getting your order accepted
  • New and extended rules
  • New system of placing orders: You will now fill out an external form, so this thread isn’t cluttered with requests.

To see all of my examples, scroll through this thread or my old shop.

Splash / Intro / Outro

Small Cover

Large Cover

Cover Set

If you want you request to be considered, you must meet the Requirements.


You should have an idea of what you want.

Even if not very specific, you should have some “vision” of how the finished edit should look like. I will ask for this in the form. “No idea” or “You choose” are not accepted answers! :sweat_smile:

You have not ordered the same art from another artist.

Thread hopping is very disrespectful and it demotivates us! If you have already ordered, for example a small cover for story XY, DO NOT order small cover for story XY from me as well!

If I find out you’ve been thread hopping, you will be banned from my shop and I will inform the other art shop / artist as well. And, I don’t care about excuses.

Perfectly filled-out form.

I only accept fully filled out forms. Incomplete forms will be deleted and not considered as request.
Especially if you don’t have character’s card / outfit image and you’re writing all that info, DOUBLE CHECK! I do not have time to contact everyone to fix their requests.

No mafia stories.

Sorry! Mafia stories aren’t my cup of tea, and I don’t feel comfortable making art for them. Hope you understand.

Aaand it’s not really a requirement, but if you can follow my IG goldenwaterlily :blush:


Read all rules

Common sense rules apply.

All my art is unique and made by me. No copying, stealing, tracing, claiming my work as yours.

For splashes, please credit me as “edit by @goldenwaterlily”.

If I put credit on the art, and it remains visible while you use it, you don’t need to add any additional credit.

For covers, please credit me in the first chapter of your story.

You don’t need to credit me in every.single.chapter. :smiley: The first one will do.

When sharing on Instagram or social media, please tag me .

Or mention my name @goldenwaterlily or my instagram @waterlily_epi somewhere in the post.

I share all my creations here on forums

And mostly on instagram, too. If your order should remain “secret” or you want to wait a certain time to publish it, let me know. I can send you everything in private.

Use my art, for as least 30 days

If you change covers like socks, don’t bother ordering. If you’re not sure if you will publish your story, don’t order. Keep my cover for at least 30 days.

Please do not remove my credit from art.

If it bothers you or you feel like it’s distracting, let me know and I will provide you with version with no credit. Of course then, you must credit me through readerMessage or at the end/beginning of chapter.

You can place only one order at a time.

At the moment, you can choose from: Splash , Small Cover , Large Cover or Cover Set (Small + Large Cover in matching design, with the same pose)

Feel free to request changes to your art!

I am happy to make any smaller adjustments, but please nothing drastic like adding character or completely changing the scene.

If you don’t like the result , tell me.

I won’t be mad. I treat everyone as my customers, and I want you to be happy with what you ordered. Let me know what you don’t like, and we will work something out.

Please do not rush me.

I don’t have much time, and usually complete an order within 2 weeks.

I have the right to decline any request.

I will provide you with a reason, though.

I strictly use images I have the rights to use .

Most of my images are sourced from Pixabay.com. This is a pet peeve of mine, and I am very careful of what images I can and cannot use. And I expect the same from you . If you provide me with an image (like background) you want incorporated into your art, you must confirm that this image comes from free images source and you have a right to use it and redistribute it (since you are sending me the image, that is redistributing or sharing)

Do not give me other artist’s art as an example, and don’t provide my art as an example for another artist!

Do not give me a cover made by another artist and say you want similar. No. Go request to that artist. Similarly, don’t provide my covers to other artist as inspiration!

(However, if you provide me with, for example, a sketch of a pose you would like, that is acceptable. I won’t make a copy of it, but I can make a similar one if I’m capable)

Whatever references you send me, I will never copy them. I treat them as an inspiration and to better understand what you want and like.

I only work with Limelight

And I only make art that includes characters. Meaning, I won’t make a text-only splash.

WATERLILY Cover Art Shop - Request Form

Simple rule when filling out the form - MORE INFO = BETTER RESULTS.
Feel free to swamp me with details.

PLEASE fill out the form thoroughly. Orders that do not meet the requirements will be deleted and not considered. Requests that are accepted will be tagged and added to the waiting list.

Request form help

If you have trouble filling out the request form, here is a little manual for the fields that might be confusing. If you still have trouble, DM me.

Note: Don’t forget to read the description text. It is the small text right under fields title.

What graphics do you want to order?

You can only choose from what you see. No, I will not make anything extra, and in most cases you can not order more that one type.

Final description or your “vision” of the scene

You can drop any details you want here, how do you imagine you art to look. Based on this, I will choose the overall mood, background and other elements. This info is required, however you don’t need to be super specific. It can be something more abstract, like “dark colors and sparkly / starry effects” or “something light and sweet”. The story description will help me greatly, so don’t forget that at the beginning of the form :slight_smile:

Character details

There are only two ways I accept - text (specific items!) and image.

Text - all info must be properly written out, example:
Body - Female Plus Size in neutral 02
Brow - Arched natural in deep brown
Hair - Short wavy ombre in brunette brown
Eyes - Delicate almond in brown deep
Face - Round soft
Nose - Defined natural
Lips - Full heart pouty in pink peach medium gloss

Outfit: 80s Headband Cotton Hot Pink, Open Tote Bunny Cream Pink Brown, Simple Heels Leather White, Thin Heart Earrings Metal Red, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Button Up Denim Dress Denim Blue White, Turtleneck Inner Shirt Cotton White

Image - character card, outfit screenshot from the portal, example:

Rules acceptance

You must agree to all rules. If you uploaded images, one more acceptance field will appear.

I confirm I only uploaded images I have rights to use.

You can read about this in the “Rules”. This only applies to backgrounds etc., if you only uploaded character cards or outfit screenshot, then you can check the box and consider it irrelevant :slight_smile:

To get notified when I open again, enter your forums username here

And while you're waiting for the shop to open, you might be interested in filling out a model form for drawn art ;)

Thank you all for participating and I hope you will enjoy my art!

~ Barbie

OPEN 1 SPOT - test run

To test out the new process (requirements, rules and new form), I am opening my shop for 1 order. All info can be found above. If everything goes smoothly, I will open again in 1-2 weeks and I will accept 5+ orders.

I want to mostly test out the new requirement of having a published story, to decide if I keep this requirement or remove it. Thanks for participating!



If you order, I will be notified immediately, no need to comment that you ordered :slight_smile:


So as long as you have 1 published story you can request?

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Yes! You have The XO’s published, so you can request for that story, or any other :slight_smile: Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

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Thank You!

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Could I order?

definitely recommend her! :crescent_moon:

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Yes! Read the rules and fill out request form :slight_smile:

Wow! These are all so beautiful.

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@Makayla.Reed The splash is done! I’m curious what you think, I painted the tongue, some fingers, nails and little highlights <3

Hope I got the pose right :relaxed:


That’s beautiful wow!!


OMG! I am in love with this! Thank you so much

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Can I request something?

Please @ me when you open again

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Fill form please :slight_smile: This way it’s much easier for me to keep track of who wants to be tagged. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I’m closed again. I will be opening again next weekend. If you want to be tagged, please fill out form :slight_smile:

To get notified when I open, enter your forums username here https://forms.app/goldenwaterlily/get-notified


Hey lovie, are you still requests?

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I’m not waterlily but her shops status says closed, she usually opens later in the week and she has a form you can sign so you will be @ when she does open.


Just filled it out❤

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I am now accepting orders! I’ll see how many I receive, but I want to make at least 5. The shop will remain open as long as I feel I want to take requests :grin:

I am also dropping the requirement about having a published story…just please, use my art. Dont let it go to waste :pleading_face:



That’s it, happy requesting!