Wattap Cover? 🤔

Don’t even know if this is allowed, but could I request a drawn cover for a Wattpad story?

Hello. My best friend use to make wattpad covers. Tell me what you want if you still need it and see will make it

Does she do drawn? Is she on the forums?

What do you mean if she do drawn?

Can she do covers that are digital art?

No, I’m sorry. she doesn’t draw, she can only make covers with images from the internet

More like this style?

Oh, nm

I meant in the sense of drawn :slight_smile: :joy:

Yeah. But could you do something like the picture above? I know for that quality, I’ll need a commissioner, but I’m broke :money_mouth_face:

I’ve never done that style before personally, my drawn works are mainly realistic and commission these days

So… that’s a no?

I wouldn’t know how it would come out as I’ve never tried it before that’s all I’m saying, I mean if you could describe what you would want on the cover and I had some more information I could tell you if I can give it a try.

Thanks! I’ll pm your the details.