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Welcome to Wavely’s Plot Shop!
This is a place where I put down ideas for stories.

Important Things!
  • First come first serve!
  • No drama! This is my happy place.
  • Don’t steal any ideas, if i find out, I will cry therefore breaking my streak.
  • You can recommend an idea, DM me! (I’ll give credit!)
  • These ideas are free! (You have to tell me what idea you want first, refer to the them by the letters!)
  • Don’t expect me to update daily! I have a personal life!

Story Plots:
a) Somehow, you stopped time, and you’re not sure how to resume it. After a year of loneliness, you discovered someone who isn’t frozen, and you set on a adventure to find them, and reverse this problem.

b) Your dog/cat/pet was stolen in a house robbery while you were asleep. Now you go on a hunt to get your beloved animal back.

c) Ever since you were little, you always hang out at a stream near your home which you called ‘The Perfect Stream’ to clear your mind. When you come home from college/university for a break, you find out the government is planning to remove the stream to build more buildings! In the limited time you have, what will you do to stop the destruction of ‘The Perfect Stream’?

d) You came back to your house to discover a ghost! The ghost has lost all faith in the human race and is planning to kill humanity slowly. Can you change her worldview and save the world with just kindness?

e) While decorating a christmas tree, you discover an elf who shrinks you and takes you into the tree! Will you stay there or go on a festive adventure to turn yourself back to normal?

f) After years of trying to find who killed your relative, you walked in front of a mirror to find out your reflection missing! Whats worse! You receive a letter the next day from… yourself? The letter describes all the evil things you’ve done… including the murder of your relative.

g) After a natural disaster destroyed your home, you have no where to go. When LI is kind enough to let you live with him/her.

Taken Story Plots:
  • Ever since your mother drowned, you’ve been scared of deep waters. As a result, you are being picked on. This year, a new girl/boy arrived and befriended you, and is determined to help you get over your fear. (Taken by @EpisodeGirl)

  • You are an archaeologist, and you discovered a diary. The journal tells a story of a young girl during the apocalypse of 2167.(Taken by @Samantha79)

  • Your character was assassinated, she/he turns to a ghost and decide to visits her/his sibling. The sibling decides to avenge your character, but will finding an assassin be that easy? (Taken by @Danielle318)

  • Everyone thinks you’re just imagining things. You can see them, but why don’t the others do? They send you to a mental hospital to help you get rid of these visions. You are all alone in this room, and the creatures you’re seeing are starting to get violent. (Taken by @Random_doggo123)


Can I have the first one?


If you change your mind I’m also interested :rofl::rofl:


Can I have the second? :two_hearts:


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@Wavely I’d love to take this one.

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@Wavely can you give the idea I took to to @EpisodeGirl so I can take f

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