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omg thank uu sooooooo much I LOVE ITTTTT :blob_hearts:

could uu just change oneeeeee little thing for me pls? could uu take the the contains in the mature themes splash? cause uu put the words β€˜contains’ in the 2 times :sweat_smile: could uu take out the contains thats in cursive pls ? :pleading_face:

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thank uuuuu :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

how should i give credits ?

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Np :sparkles: you can credit me by my insta @melanie.epi.writes

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okay :blob_hearts:

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Did u requested dis else where?

Preferred artist? ~ xxOlivia_Meganxx
Password: beach vibes
Edited or Drawn? ~ drawn
Character Details: skin - light brow - medium angled hair style - Beach Wave Hair hair colour - platinum blonde eyes - downturned natural / blue face - soft heart nose - elven lips - full round / ruby red
Character Outfit:Black Belted Sweater Dress / Tattooed Rocker Boots
Character Pose: idle_smoking
Anything else you would like to add for your character? (extra details, freckles, notch eyebrow, etc) ~ freckles
Deadline (be reasonable): as long as it takes

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@Heidi.gray I’ll keep you updated :two_hearts:

No I did not

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ok, thank you :kissing_heart:

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Preferred artist?: @xxOlivia_Meganxx
Password:beach vibes
edited or drawn?:drawn
Character deets + Outfit:Skin tone:Caramel,Eyebrows:Defined Natural,Hair:Double Bun Updo,Hair color:Chestnut ,Eyes,Upturned Feline,Eye color:Green,Face:Oval,Nose:Elven,Lips:Blossom Lips,Lip color:Terracotta
Character outfit?: Author Outfit Slouchy Socks (Black)
Plain Tank Top
Navy Blue Nautical Shorts
pose?:Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 8.08.28 PM
Something like this but less sassy and happy and without the power effect
Anything else you would like it add?:A flower headband that would be nice
Background?:I would like something related
Deadline (be reasonable):I’m not in the rush so in like next friday

do u still want this?

Yes please

Preferred artist: Anyone who is available, no preference.
Password: Beach Vibes
Small/Large cover? Both please.
Edited or Drawn? Drawn

Character/s Details:
Char 1 (female)
Female Athletic Body
Skin tone: Gold 03
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye color: Brown Black
Brows: Arched natural scar, black
Face: Square defined
Nose: Round button
Lips: Full round pouty, color pink beige gloss

Char 2 (Male)
Male Athletic Body
Skin tone: Gold 04
Brow: Arched medium, deep brown
Hair: Slicked back solid
Hair color: Brown black
Eyes: Deepset downturned lidded
Eye color: Blue deep
Face: Square sculpted
Nose: Straight flat
Lips: Medium heart, color beige gold matte

Character/s Outfit/s:
Char 1 (female)
Tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutralblack
Denim Blue Side Stitched Jeans
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey White
Stud Jewel Drop Earrings

Char 2 (male)
Swoopneck Tee Grey White
Casual Jeans Denim Black
Slip on Canvas Beige Yellow
Minimal Rimmed Facewatch leather brown
Hoop earring silver line metal grey black
Full body tribal Skull lace ink black (tattoo)

Character/s Pose/s:
I want Char 2 (male) to be hugging Char 1 (female)
I want the cover to be a side view of them hugging from the waist up.
Char 2 has to look concerned/slightly angry. Char 1 has to look seldom/sad.

Anything else you would like to add for your character/s? (extra details, freckles, notch eyebrow, etc)
Char 2 (male)
Has scar across nose (specifically scar 04-07
Also has tribal tattoo (exact one mentioned in outfits above)

Char 1
Has pacemaker scar across chest


A Gray gradient background (faded)

Text? (Story name, author)
Title: Desolation of Me
Author: Kylie B

Bold letters

Genre: Drama

Reference picture?
I like the story cover β€œFighting Temptation” By Ella & Heather and I want it to be somewhat similar.
Another one is the story β€œThe Blacksmith” by Emily Renae.

Deadline (be reasonable): 4 days - one week?

Did you accept or not

Hey! Would I be able to request a pfp?

Preferred artist: @xxOlivia_Meganxx
Password: beach vibes
Edited or Drawn: Drawn.

Character Details:

BODY: Light
BROW: Defined Natural
HAIR: Beach Wave Hair (Auburn)
EYES: Upturned Feline (Green)
FACE: Oval
NOSE: Upturned
LIPS: Classic (Bordeaux)

Character Outfit:
Character Pose:

Would I be able to request is pose? (Could the black coat also be included please.)


This colour background please!

Anything else you would like to add for your character?

  • Eyelashes.
  • Silver hoop earrings, please.
  • Could a slight blush be added to the face? (Thanks)

Deadline (be reasonable):
Whatever works best. No rush!

Thank you! :heart:

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My Request 🌊

Art Scene
Preferred Artist? @blackmeow20
Password: beach vibes
Edited or Drawn? Edited
Character/s Details and outfits:

Character/s Pose/s: I don’t have a name for the poses but I have a reference picture: (I’d like them to be placed from left to right: Kaliris, Adrian)
Anything else you would like to add for your character/s? (extra details, freckles, notch eyebrow, etc) - none, thanks

Reference Pose? - I included it above. :))
Anything else you would like to add in general? Yes I’d like for the whole scene to take up one zone and for there to be an overlay of mist/fog over them near the lower body. Lastly, I want for it to be waist and up.
Deadline (be reasonable): By the end of the month, please. If it works for you… and feel free to decline my request if it doesn’t work for you!

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I will try to do it as good as I can, even tho I’m not so sure if I can really make it as apropriate to the referenceπŸ˜…but I’ll try and I’ll let you know if there is a problem or something☺️

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