Way to use the same overlay twice?

Hey, so I’m sort of new to directing in episode. I was wondering if there was a way to use the overlays available for all stories more than once in the same scene. For example, I’m trying to do a school scene, but I don’t know how to duplicate the desk overlay so that more than one desk is shown in my scene. I know with uploaded overlays you can just reupload under a different name, but I don’t want to mess with the approval process and I just need the overlay already provided.
Thanks <3

Good question… Have you tried doing something like


(just repeating the overlay code?)

You can’t duplicate an overlay. Because if you want to animate them, you won’t be able to. You would have to upload it twice or however many times you need it.

I thought so too, and that successfully created multiples of the overlay

But then I can’t shift the different overlays with directing (i click change overlay and can only move the same overlay)

Hmm… Maybe try putting them in different layers? (Though I’m not sure if that would do much difference.

That didn’t work either, haha. Oh well! I’ll just make some up and upload them under different names (and wait for approval :unamused:)
Thanks for your help though!!!

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I’ve been able to use the same overlay twice. You can’t move them both, but if you write down both spots that you want them in, they will show up where you want them.


There is another way.

@overlay OVERLAY create from OVERLAY2


@overlay BLACK PERSIAN FLOOF CAT 5000587_1 create from BLACK PERSIAN FLOOF CAT 5000587