Ways to lengthen an episode?

I plan my episodes in advance, but sometimes I seem to fall a bit short of my goal number of lines (I know lines aren’t important over quality, but I cannot bring myself to move on until every chapter has over 1000 lines.)

The problem is, I can’t just combine episodes, because each episodes end on a certain plot twist. So, I was wondering what kind of things or scenes I could add to make my episode longer without having a bunch of fluff, that doesn’t mean anything.


If you have 3 different options, that’s 3 different branches you’d need to write and then you’d end up writing extra lines trying to bring them all the options together to make the ending make sense for each choice.

I am going back through to add as many choices as possible, but most of my choices are for relationships and don’t effect the plot so much, so I don’t want to have many more seemingly useless choices, you know?

Yeah, I get what you mean. But sometimes, even choosing how a character gets to respond to a question (whether it changes the plot or not) is still good because it let’s the reader choose what type of personality the MC has. Like if you have a sassy response or a shy response… It won’t change the ending but the reader will feel a little more connected to MC because they got to choose how MC acts and talks

I’ll definitely put a couple of those in there, thank you!

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You should really put a point system, so that way in the end what the MCrelationship status can have then

Yes, I am using points (I have points for how stubborn the MC is, her friendship with one of the main characters, and who she’s going to end up with between the two love interests.)

Well all I can say to make you’re story longer and more excited is for some action, like something happened or something like that :sweat_smile: