We are going to talk about writing if you guys want to participate šŸ˜Š

Hey guys !!!

We are so excited about this new project.
We are going to do a live on Instagram !!!
Yes you read well a live on Instagram !!!

We are going to talk about those topic:

  1. Iā€™m going to interview Anais and talk about her new story The payback with 5 questions

  2. Talk about my story long time.

3)Share our experience about writing.

4)And at the end we going to talks all together by answering your questions and read your comments

Please feel free to share this post !!!
and if you are excited as much as Iā€™m tell your dog tell your friends, your family, neighbours everyone ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you guys !

#sharelove #sharepositivity

Those are the hour we would be on.
Anaiz (Costa Rica) 11pm - Tuesday night
Lea (Australia, sydney ) 4pm - Wednesday afternoon

See you there :white_heart:
My Instagram: lea.episode.1
Anais Instagram: anaiz.writer