We are in need of banners and profile picture!

I know this may be a lot to ask but we need tones of banners done in 1hr and a profile picture done in 1hr…we are asking for a lot so before commenting please make sure you are capable of doing it! No art groups please!if you are interested comment below and I tell you the information;) I am gonna want the pfp to be drawn!

I can help you

Are you gonna want to be part of the group?

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I can help


so you wanna make the banners right?


Yes. How many

probably like 10ish

Can’t help you. Sorry.

ok I get it!

would you be ok with making 10ish banners?


And you need them in an hour?

sorry for the late response I will work on sending you the deets;)

And yes in an hour would be great!

Okay that works and it’s fine

So I want this background for all of the banners…

I need a banners that say
Episode Bomb
Request Denied
Request Accepted
Request Complete
Come back soon!
Request Forms

If I think of anymore I need I will let you know

Okay. I’ll stay them now

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Thank you so much;)

I can make the pfp