We have been bashing bad boys a lot, but what about good guys?

So… good guys…



Look, I am not giving out titles because I feel that it would be a low blow, but I read a couple of stories a few days ago, and many of them are excellent in terms of directing and plot, but one in particular, equally as awesome or even better, turned me off by the fifth chapter or so despite its indisputably good quality. At first, I could not quite put my finger on the reason for that… but then, I had a moment of realisation: the love interest was unbelievable good. Way too good. He was, in a conventionally romantic way, perfect, for lack of a better word. I am thinking of unrealistic, but sometimes unrealistic is good when it comes to Episode. Not the case in my opinion.

“Why is that a bad thing?” you may be wondering, and I would say that it is not a bad thing in the slightest… or at least not compared to the abusive jerk whom MC “loves unconditionally” just because of his looks. There is no harm in total and utter goodness. Except that total and utter goodness does not exist.

Where am I going with this? Most people here in the forums strive for appropriate stories that send positive messages to the target audience, or at least not negative messages, and that is fine by me even if I think that fiction is just fiction in most cases. Now, the stories starring “totally good” LIs are few and far between, so do not think for a moment that this is me complaining and saying that those should stop. But, under that logic of “children and pre-teens are prone to get the wrong ideas out of fiction”, should good guys/girls not be depicted as flawed people? Everyone has a mean streak, after all… completely pure LIs are simply fueling that unrealistic “Disney Prince Charming” crap. No doubt, this is not nearly as serious as blatantly encouraging toxic relationships… but I think I would not want kids to grow up to be strict and think that a guy/girl who makes a single mistake or has certain beliefs and life style is not worth pursuing.

Without further ado, these traits in particular are the ones that bother me the most in unbelievably good LIs (not so much individually but combined):

Mini-rant but not really.
  • They aaaalways know what to say.

They do not say mean things out of anger or stress, they are always chiiiiiiill.

  • They are never confused.

If someone else shows up and tries to win them over, they reject this person even before New Booty has a chance to try anything… because MC is the only one… even though they barely know each other. (Hey, this rings a bell! “She is not like the other girls, she is different!”, except this is the good guy version)

  • Mature since the moment they popped into existence.

Seriously, never a stage of stupidity; not a fleeting second. (I do not see this one that often, but booooy when I do…)

  • Persistent! The more you play hard to get, the more they like you.

I assure you, even good people do not like being constantly rejected, no matter how “worthy” you are. We live in the 21st century. You do not have to be easy, but good people are not going to wait around for ever. You have to show some interest in them for them not to lose interest.

  • Optimism to the core.

I have nothing against optimistic people, but come on now, MC’s mum had a car accident and she has been in a PVS for, I do not know, nine months… chances are she is not going to fully recover or even wake up. Just be supportive and stop trying to give this girl/boy (possibly) fake hopes. (Although I do admit that this one could not really cause any harm; just a matter of preference, I guess :joy:)

  • Shame on anything that implies sexual behaviour!

“One night stands? Nope. Never done that. I only do committed relationships. Casual encounters are for players/sluts.”

Seriously, what is so wrong with a person who enjoys their sexuality while being single?

  • They get along with every single one of their peers.

Drama-free? Great, no problem. But not getting along with someone does not equal to drama, okay?

  • I noticed your good actions, that is why I am going to fall in love with you in a couple of Episodes or… hold on, why wait? I am in love with you right now!

It applies to both parties. Goodness is not something you show off. You do it because you are like that, you cannot help it. Sure, it is a nice message, falling in love because someone participates in charity events instead of “oh, they are HAAWT”, but then again, goodness is not an instant ticket to true love, is it? What the hell is love even based on to begin with?!?

And I could go on, but I think that is enough. Surprisingly, characters without those beliefs/attitudes, especially not all together, can still qualify to be good, right?

Anyway, I am going to stop. Keep in mind that I am not saying that this a major problem. I just want to discuss “perfect LIs” as much as we discuss “abusive LIs” even when you may or may not come across the first ones often.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Agree up to a point? Traits or combinations of traits you dislike (if any) and the reason behind that? Your “ideal” good guy/girl?

Speak now or for ever hold your peace (?)


I agree, I feel like it’s too easy when the LI is perfect

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When a love interest is too perfect, I expect a plot twist where he turns out to be a stalker or serial killer or something hehehe


Heard my love.

Writing “good guys” can be so much harder because we often dont think of good people having many or any fatal flaws, but they need those flaws to be interesting. When you have two fully developed characters. They wont always agree. So finding a natural way to incorporate an argument between LI and MC would be a great and relatively easy way to get the idea across that these characters arent perfect ^^


Good guys are boring and sooo underdeveloped. Even more underdeveloped than bad boys.

I don’t believe anyone can be that nice to someone. It has to be fake. I probably said this before, but I’ll say it again: mischievous golden boys are the best love interests. Example: Kendall from Complicated. :relieved:


:joy::joy::joy: I love your mini rant.
Yeah I agree, i have nothing against a good guy as a love interest but the majority of cases he isn’t good he’s ideal or perfect it’s not a realistic portrayal of a human being and in all honesty I am usually then suspicious of his intentions, call me paranoid if ya like, I have issues :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::joy:
Its important to realise there is a difference between good and angelic. Everyone in the world has both light and dark, good and bad inside them, sure you can sway either way but for the sake of realism show a bit of both in characters even if it is small.
In the real world I don’t think any man… or woman… would take a punch to the face from some random moron and just shake it off, smile and go “thanks!!”
So keep it genuine.


I hate this because I can relate :joy: And you just did not post “hehehe” in my thread, Barbie! :eyes:

This is so accurate that it is irritating. Makes me want to punch a wall.

True and hyper mega true. Call me bitter, but we all have a bitchy side. Some simply do not show it so often :joy:

“Mini” :laughing:

Thank you for this summary :ok_hand:t4:

And for this :point_up_2:t4:


Not much to say…there bland boring and generic. They have no real personality outside of overused lines
I love u so much etc
Id rather a “bad boy” anyday over these generic love intrests
There into sports(most likely football)/popular and say every single cliche you can think of. Its always romantic candle dinners and s3x scenes and dumb flowery language…


Well, to be honest, I hate those regardless of who says them if they appear at least once per episode. Who has that much love to give??? :joy:


OMG! Relatable

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I know, Lisa. I do not condone cheating. I was referring to raising his voice in an argument, saying something that in a way could be offensive, saying something stupid. You know, being insensitive every now and then.

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Well, I do not know if completely pushed to the side, but in most cases: the good guy is simply unrealistic and perfect… or the minor mistake he makes is blown out of proportion :sweat:



I think Mason fits the good boy narrative pretty well. I think he even says ‘you’re not like other girls’ to Ainsley at some point.

But, TBH, still prefer him over Kendall. I don’t want to yuck your yum, but, man, even hearing Kendall’s name fills me with a burning hatred comparable to seeing a Shellion’s, stupid, smug face. (Flight Rising players, y’all know what I mean).

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This immediately made me think of one certain popular story that made me stop reading after 25 episodes bcs the perfect guy makes me sick HAHAH

I just don’t like how it’s either good guy or bad boy. Like nothing else in between exists beyond these two extreme opposites. It just tells me people don’t really know how to write male characters and they’re put into a box because of our perceptions.


I hate golden boys. They’re so boring ffs


Golden boys are too… golden. There’s nothing there. I personally never choose them for my stories.


In my opinion, making a perfect Li kinda makes that character lack personality and feel like the prince in Snow White, srsly does that guy have any personality in your opininon? :woman_shrugging:


I’m sick of perfect, golden LI’s. They’re always the same, bland guys who are popular, cringy trash and treat the MC too perfectly.

You know what makes me mad though?
The fact that they have NO flaws…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

How about a realistic love interest who isn’t some rude, arrogant bad boy but isn’t a perfect, goody-two-shoes golden boy?

You know there are people in between, right? :roll_eyes::joy:

I’m just done with these perfect LI’s.