We have to give props to coders

I would like to wish every coder a very ily and thank you for your hard work <3

Listen, I’ve been trying to work out codes for the past two hours and have nothing done :smiling_face_with_tear: I really don’t know how you guys have the patience to code EVERYTHING. Just know you’re appreciated !! :cupid:


how sweet :blob_sun:

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Seeing the vision come together the way you imagined it is definitely its own reward :partying_face:


When I first joined like five years ago I’d sit for hours at the family computer trying different code, writing stuff down on a notebook after watching countless youtube videos, then only to test it and have it not work out (not even knowing I COULD test it). Now I can do it all fairly easily, it just takes a while. You’ll get there! GL!

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that’s so sweet :blob_hearts:

thats so true …