We need covers makers and backgrounds/overlays makers

Hey guys,

We’re a group of authors and readers who decided to support small authors on Instagram using @EpisodeAuthor.Support.

We need editors and backgrounds/overlays makers.
Editors will be handled making covers or art-scenes.

For backgrounds/overlays makers we will attach their drive links in a category named by maker’s name and everytime they update we will notify our lovely followers that backgrounds/overlays for this maker are updated.

For example if a maker is called Author:
The path to Author’s backgrounds/overlays will be like
Backgrounds/overlays :arrow_forward: Author’s backgrounds/overlays :arrow_forward: Link to Author’s backgrounds/overlays

And of course any writer who wants to use any of the Backgrounds/Overlays should credit the maker and us.

Why are we doing a category for backgrounds/overlays?
First to help backgrounds/overlays makers get noticed
Second to make a common place for backgrounds/overlays in order to help writers find what they need in one place instead of spending hours searching different accounts for backgrounds/overlays .
If you have any questions or if anything is not clear please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Anyone who is interested please fill the our membership form below.

Hello, I saw your work. It’s really good!
Do you have an Instagram account?

Oh sorry for misspelling @DogLover990 , okay then I’ll contact you using the forums I guess :kissing_heart:



Does anyone know how to make a background night?