We need eye-shadows

Hey all!

I think episode should include eyeshadows because if you are writing a story which is related to modeling or Hollywood then makeup is the necessary thing for the character and eye-shadow plays the major role, and episode already included eyeshadowss in their feature story " Perfect Pitch" .
I think they should give us a feature of eye-shadow as well.
What do you all think???


I agree with this. If you really are desperate for eyeshadows while episode doesn’t have them, you can set your characters eye shape to:

  • Almond Luxe

  • Downturned Natural

  • Slender Classic

Each of these eyeshapes has a smoky look which works kind of well (but yeah, there really should be eyeshadows on episode !:neutral_face:)


Agree…It should be just like lip color. Were you can change the color if you want in the story!


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