We need help deciding a story idea! - Double Life

Hello! My writing partner @talesbyrose and I are having some trouble fully developing these ideas into plots. Could anyone help us out?

Idea 1: The MC is the daughter of 2 CEOs and she always does as she’s told, but she’s secretly a superhero. Someone’s threatening her about revealing her powers to the world.

Idea 2: The MC is the daughter of 2 famous celebrities, and in her own home they get murdered. The MC barely escapes, which leaves her to hide her identity to avoid being hunted down by her parents’ killer.

Idea 3: The MC had a passion for soccer since she was young. After her mom leaves, the MCs dad stops her from playing soccer because it was something the MC did with her mom, and it reminded him too much of her. One day, the MC is playing soccer with her close friend and the captain of her school’s rival team sees her and asks her to be on her team.

(ideas by @talesbyrose )



I knda have alot of plot ideas dm or pm

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Ooh I like the idea of 2.


I like 3

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I like #1

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