We need more diverse hairstyles


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People who make the all the new details, need some time, we can’t exactly send them a list saying what we want and expect to get it all


Yeah, I’m aware of that, however, people have been wanting more diverse hairstyles for a really long time now so it’s not like people mysteriously requested this yesterday or a few days prior. Some have been seeking more diverse hairstyles for months and years. I feel like if they had plenty of time to come out with new skin tones, and all these newly added features then they also had time to come out with more diverse hairstyles.


I really don’t get it their are braids, baldness, and silk hair, natural hair


I disagree with what you said about moles. A lot of people have moles in real life, we should be allowed to have the in Episode too. Moles were actually something that has been wanted ever since the release of Love Life. So, they were worrying about putting them on their characters.


It’s okay she thinks that, I have a mole on my eyelid


I’ve never said it wasn’t okay though. Simply said I disagreed. Anyways, there’s a thread for cultural hairstyles so this thread might be merged.


I know


There are different kinds of braids and different kinds of diverse hairstyles for wearing braids too. Yeah, natural hair but there are many diverse natural hairstyles which others have as well besides the ones which have been given.


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Why is this flagged? I AGREE with you, we could always use more customization. It’d be cool if we could mod it or something, LOL, but like…I’m trying not to be mad. Why is the first post flagged? Did you get a message as to why?

I like beads in braids. It’s one of my favorite styles. One of my characters, I imagine her with beads in her hair, but I don’t have the option for it in Episode, so I just drew it instead, lol, but it would be cool if we could have beads.

I also like the braided buns like

And tapering braids instead of the ones that are the same width all the way down.

We don’t have anything like this, though, the thicker twists


Ironic this post was flagged, What a shame.


Can show support for diverse hairstyles here: HAIR: Diversity In Limelight (Asian,Native, African,Hispanic,etc) :sparkling_heart:


No reason why this should be flagged. What is episode coming too SMH


How did that even happen? Your post got flagged for no reason!!! XD Seriously?!


Thank you for supporting my post!


I agree. I wish Episode had my hair: a little long, but nappy.


I support this one, too!


lol why did your first post get flagged?! Anyways, I agree about adding more diverse hairstyles.