We need to stop romanticinzig mafia!

Like when will they stop. I usually binge read episode at night till my eyes get heavy and it’s a great feeling cuz I know I’m finna sleep good. But yesterday I finished this good ass story. And when I was trying to look for another one I kept stumbling upon mafia stories and stories and gangs like can I get a decent story whereas it’s not always about those things. That was until I found Mendacity. If your the author of that. Thank u lord for ur soul. That’s a good ass story


I love Mendacity too haha. :sweat_smile:

Also, yes. Episode is POLLUTED with mafia/gang/vampire/werewolf stories sigh.

They are literally . . . e v e r y w h e r e. :neutral_face:




I’m also 13 and honesty, I think all those “hot” mafia leaders just look as ugly as their personality.


Sis go offff. They’re so unrealistic and extremely toxic. Mafias aren’t a joke, and real people out there get hurt because of them.
Not to mention, the LI treats the MC like crap in all the stories I’ve read but the MC excuses it cause “hE’s sO hOt”.

Stop romanticizing mafia stories smh.


Romanticizing Mafia is just disgusting. I’m okay with Mafia stories, but writers should really understand that Mafia is not what they read in episode stories and should stop romanticizing it.


It’s not just fiction, readers really believe that what they read is the reality. Some authors don’t even put a disclaimer.


I know this is what I keep on saying and I 100% agree with you. In my opinion mafia stories are all the same and they all have the same plot where theres a boy in the mafia or the heir to it and theres a girl that gets kidnapped and they fall in love ect. I think the topic is way over used and romanticized. (Btw sorry if I offended in any way :grin:)


Agreed :relieved:

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you guys might not agree on this…
but hey-ho im entitled to my own opinion :see_no_evil:

Yas I agree we shouldn’t romantisice the mafia I heard some people say that its manipulating the minds of 13 year olds and what so ever teenagers are manipulated by society, trends, so I agree its not helping at any bit, but some people think differently to others so for example while I might watch comedy some person might watch a horror about stabbing, killing, and might enjoy it. People have different tastes, however I think with this whole thread I agree to some extent. I don’t mind mafia being on episode but when that’s the only thing on there and that’s what people write about it gets boring and annoying. ALSO MAKE MAFIAS REALISTIC LIKE YOU GUYS SAID, YOU DONT NEED TO ROMATISICE EVERYTHING. KILLING IS NOT OKI. :roll_eyes: :unamused:


Exactly like if your going to use mafia in a story you should also show the reality of it. Like there’s people who read mafia stories and then they think it’s ok to go around killing people. And there’s always the same plot for it :unamused:


So true! Mafia isnt a love story and it really isnt as dramatic as they portray it. Its actually really scary. Also btw mafia leaders are NOT that good looking in real life, and they definitely arent your prince charming. PLEASE stop portraying them like that.


I mean- I understand that it’s nothing like it is in real life but isn’t that the point of some stories? They’re a way to escape real life. I personally enjoy reading some of them because I like action / drama / romance stories.

So even though I agree that it shouldn’t be romanticized in real life, as long as the readers understand that it is literally just a story and it’s very different in real life then I don’t see a problem with it.

I personally don’t want to read stories that are exactly like real life because the whole reason I read is for an escape from real life for a little bit.


I answered this same “escape from reality” question here:

May I ask how you can romanticize something in real life?


Sorry, poor choice of words-

I’m not great at putting thoughts into words and it’s nearly 2am where I am so please, bare with :slight_smile:

What I first wrote

What I meant is that the stories shouldn’t suggest people to go find a mafia or gang or whatever but make it know that it is only a story and that it wont happen irl.

So like, people shouldn’t go around saying/thinking - "Oh I want to find a mafia boyfriend because I read all these stories in episode about it and blah blah blah" or encourage others to do that.

(That is what I meant by romanticize, even though now I think of it, I’m probably not making much sense)

But at the same time I don’t think they should all go as I quite enjoy reading some of them.

What if writers just make it clear with notes at the start or end of each chapter mentioning that it is just a story and don’t go trying to find a mafia boyfriend or something?

I also have a strong feeling I’m probably misinterpreting this whole thing so … sorry …?


Ah wait- I think I get what you guys mean. Do you mean when someone has had a run-in with a mafia or gang or something and then when they read a story about it all being lovey-dovey, fantasy world thing it can trigger/hurt them? Because in that case, I completely get where your coming from and I’m kind frustrated I didn’t realise that sooner.
I do agree with you in that case, there is just 1 or 2 stories I really like purely because it has a really interesting plot but I mean- if it’ll stop people being triggered then I’d rather they not be there :))

Also sorry again if I’m misinterpreting this whole conversation :sweat_smile:

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  1. I would like to stop these authours bc these stories, especially for an Italian like me, are SUPER cringe;
  2. Unlike you, I’d really like to read a story that could represent the mafia as it really is, but this is just a taste of mine :))

I quite agree with you in putting a warning before each episode, but then again, romanticizing the mafia still remains really cringe, I’m sorry :((


Nah it’s cool - I get the cringe part, especially in the terribly written ones :))

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