“We’re All Ghosts Here!” Official Sign Ups Thread. 👻


You wake up to find yourself in an entirely another world, surrounded by ghosts, demons, and other evil, crazy creatures. That’s right, you’re welcomed to - The Land Of The Dead !
Now, what can you really do. You’re dead after all, no use to anyone. But is that right?
In The Land Of The Dead, you can mess with the real world or The Land Of The Living! Anything to feast your now devilish soul!
Oh, that’s right. You have no soul!
You’re a ghost. An evil ghost who with the help of other evil ghosts would unleash total wrath and mischief upon the living world…and maybe get revenge on those who wronged you?
I mean what’s better than vengeance ? Muahahahahaha! :smiling_imp:
And if you’re one of those goody-two-shoes kinda type, then no worries! Help those who’re in need - both in the living and dead world. Do good.
I mean after all, We’re All Ghosts Here! :ghost:


  1. Just follow the rules of normal RPs
  2. You can play as other roles but it must be approved first.
  3. You must at least have one ghost.

@AS007 @Sarina.K @Eleanor_W-15 @S.Dsana

Idea by @Sarina.K
Description by @AS007

To Sign Up, Just fill in this form!

Name of character:
Age of death:
Reason of death:
Faceclaim (real ppl pls):

The species you can role play as are
Ghost / Zombie / Demon / Human

  1. Reserved - @SilverStar
  1. Reserved - @SilverStar
  1. Reserved - @SilverStar

You can have 3 characters max. If you have 2 or 3 characters, pls make at least one male.

RP Thread: HERE

“We’re All Ghosts Here!” Official RP Thread. :ghost: