“We’re All Ghosts Here!” Official Sign Ups Thread. 👻


You wake up to find yourself in an entirely another world, surrounded by ghosts, demons, and other evil, crazy creatures. That’s right, you’re welcomed to - The Land Of The Dead !
Now, what can you really do. You’re dead after all, no use to anyone. But is that right?
In The Land Of The Dead, you can mess with the real world or The Land Of The Living! Anything to feast your now devilish soul!
Oh, that’s right. You have no soul!
You’re a ghost. An evil ghost who with the help of other evil ghosts would unleash total wrath and mischief upon the living world…and maybe get revenge on those who wronged you?
I mean what’s better than vengeance ? Muahahahahaha! :smiling_imp:
And if you’re one of those goody-two-shoes kinda type, then no worries! Help those who’re in need - both in the living and dead world. Do good.
I mean after all, We’re All Ghosts Here! :ghost:


  1. Just follow the rules of normal RPs
  2. You can play as other roles but it must be approved first.
  3. You must at least have one ghost.

@AS007 @Sarina.K @Eleanor_W-15 @S.Dsana

Idea by @Sarina.K
Description by @AS007

To Sign Up, Just fill in this form!

Name of character:
Age of death:
Reason of death:
Faceclaim (real ppl pls):

The species you can role play as are
Ghost / Zombie / Demon / Human

  1. Reserved - @SilverStar
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  1. Reserved - @SilverStar

You can have 3 characters max. If you have 2 or 3 characters, pls make at least one male.

RP Thread: HERE

“We’re All Ghosts Here!” Official RP Thread. :ghost:

User: @Clarkiiie
Character: Missy Clark
Species: Ghost
Age of Death: 13 now would be 113
Reason of Death: Missy went playing with her best friend in a lake. What Missy didn’t know was that her “friend” was planning to kill her… and he did.
Bio: Missy use to live in a Small Town in Washington.
She lived with her Mom, Dad, and Older Sister.
She loved (loves) reading. Missy is really quite, but a really good listener.
Personality: Missy is a ghost that likes to keep to herself. The reason for this is because the last time she did… she was murdered. But if Someone gets to know her, Missy is very senseitive, sweet, and sarcastic.




Cassidy Bones
Species: Ghost
Age of Death: 15
Reason of Death: Suicide
Bio: She lived in Minnesota with her father, mother, and twin sister. At a young age of 5, she learned how to sing and draw. She was held back in 7th because she “ cheated “ on a test. Her boyfriend cheated on her, leading her to commit suicide.
Personality: She is very self conscious and is careful around boys. Cassidy doesn’t like to trust people. She is sweet and naive. Maybe too naive…


User: @Forever1201
Name of character: Katheryne
Species: Ghost
Age of death: 16
Reason of death: Killed in car crash
Bio: Born in Texas and had a rough life
Personality: friendly, nice, determined, loyal, inspirational



I hope I’m not too late :blush:


to those who signed up:
Thanks for signing up! I honestly didn’t really think that ppl will sign up :sweat_smile:
So… Thanks!



Your welcome :blush:




User: @rose.m
Name of character: rose
Species: ghost
Age of death: 18
Reason of death: murdered
Bio: Rose was a girl from a small town, she was a dancer, she had issues because of her past, with her mother’s horrible marriage and their Financial status, she suffered from her mother’s anger problem and depression. She also had a hard time with love, she had feelings for people, but her heart was already broken, she grew up believing men being only bad, so she never admitted her feelings to anyone. She had a rough life, but she is strong.
Personality: Rose is a friendly kind hearted girl, she loves dancing and cooking, and listening to music. She’s always here for you if you need anything, but she has problems herself, she keeps it all inside, most of the time…


User: @rose.m
Name of character: Daniel
Species: human
Age of death: not dead
Reason of death: not dead
Bio: a normal teenage boy, a dancer, moved to a small town with his family.
Personality: cute, kind, loving, talented, loves doing stuff, free.