We should be able to upload our own music to sound 🤔

This is my opinion but I think you should credit because someone else actually made it and you just payed for it and not crediting is basically saying you made it :thinking::sweat_smile:
But it is an opinion love :black_heart::blue_heart::black_heart:

And I didn’t say it was 100% considered a payment. Just a figure of speech. I meant like credit is as precious as money to the people who made the audio.

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I’m soooo confused imma just stop talking lol sorry hun :sweat_smile::blue_heart::black_heart::blue_heart:

Not giving credit isn’t claiming you made it. Because if it’s a popular song by a well known artist (usually those are the copyrighted ones) if you say you made it no one would believe you because they know the true artist.

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True :thinking:
I didn’t think about that :thinking:

now I speak for the artist side. but actually, credit and exposure are worthless. most people dont care about it and you cant use it for anything. music and art is work. imagine if working at retail was pay in credit. like they just put up a sign there said Joe did stack this breed today

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Lmao I don’t know anything about this stuff I’m 13 dudes so imma just be quiet

Yeah… I didn’t understand anything you said. I’m completely lost right now. :sob:

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Oh I get what she/he is saying :open_mouth:

Explain please!

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try fo on youtube and search working for exposure there is a lot of videos explaining my point of view

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Oh, then I understand now. I just said we should give credit because most YouTube channels that have non-copyrighted music require credit. Some are even scaring you to give credit and one even said you’ll go to prison of you don’t give credit… smh.

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Ok so this basically means they were working and what if they just put up a sign saying Joe basically did that stack of the retail. Correct or close to correct? ( I try to study business lol before I get to highschool)

yeah that is basicly what i said. sorry i am not english

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But no one would care cause everyone else did it too but didn’t get a sign.

So basically everyone does it so you don’t need to credit

I know I talked to you on my old account on the old forums but I got banned on the last one cause I wasn’t old enough but it is ok love I understand :black_heart::blue_heart::black_heart:

okay. did not the side had an age restriction

I was 12 but I think you have to be 13 and I’m almost 14 now

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Ok BACK on topic :black_heart:

Duplicate closed. Refer to FEATURE: Using own music! :slight_smile: