We should be able to upload our own music to sound 🤔

Explain please!

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try fo on youtube and search working for exposure there is a lot of videos explaining my point of view

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Oh, then I understand now. I just said we should give credit because most YouTube channels that have non-copyrighted music require credit. Some are even scaring you to give credit and one even said you’ll go to prison of you don’t give credit… smh.

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Ok so this basically means they were working and what if they just put up a sign saying Joe basically did that stack of the retail. Correct or close to correct? ( I try to study business lol before I get to highschool)

yeah that is basicly what i said. sorry i am not english

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But no one would care cause everyone else did it too but didn’t get a sign.

So basically everyone does it so you don’t need to credit

I know I talked to you on my old account on the old forums but I got banned on the last one cause I wasn’t old enough but it is ok love I understand :black_heart::blue_heart::black_heart:

okay. did not the side had an age restriction

I was 12 but I think you have to be 13 and I’m almost 14 now

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Ok BACK on topic :black_heart:

Duplicate closed. Refer to FEATURE: Using own music! :slight_smile: