We should have new episode Ink customization and clothing features

I notice that the Episode Limelight is always getting a lot new features and hair styles and customization choices like male piercings and more tattoos, and new clothing. But I think that we should add more stuff like that for the Episode Ink characters.

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I wish :frowning: but im pretty sure episode said they wont be adding things to ink anymore and that it will no longer be updated. if i remember correctly, i think they also said something about there being a bug with it and that its best that they stop updating it, but I could be wrong.


Yeah well hopefully they do because i personally like the Episode Ink characters more and the weird thing is that Episode first started out with like the Episode Ink characters and they had no problem then adding in stuff for them but now that their working so much on the limelight characters and other stuff they can’t update it because their are too many problems. I just hope that they will.


they won’t. they have said there will not be added more stuff to ink. someday they maybe will release the feature story outfits. but that will may take some years. if it will happen. we had already got limelight when they did it with classick


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For information concerning Ink, please check Liz’s post here: PETITION: More Ink! :smiley:

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