Weather effect not showing

My weather effect is not showing. Here’s my script:
*@transition fade out black in 3
@pan to zone 2 in 0
&DEEDEE 101 spot 0.980 134 72 then DEEDEE 101 faces right and DEEDEE 101 starts idle
&ERNIE spot 0.980 60 81 then ERNIE faces right and ERNIE starts idle
&ERNIE moves to layer 7
&DEEDEE 101 moves to layer 8
@ERNIE changes into Fin2
@DEEDEE 101 changes into Fin1
&FIN1 spot 0.980 450 72 then FIN1 faces left and FIN1 starts idle
&FIN1 moves to layer 6
&FIN2 spot 0.388 19 441 then FIN2 faces right and FIN2 starts idle
&FIN2 moves to layer 0
&FIN3 spot 0.388 85 441 then FIN3 faces left and FIN3 starts talk_handsonhips_neutral_loop
&FIN3 moves to layer 0
&FIN4 spot 0.388 237 441 then FIN4 faces right and FIN4 starts idle_happy_loop
&FIN4 moves to layer 1
&FIN5 spot 0.388 297 441 then FIN5 faces left and FIN5 starts talk_handraised_happy_loop
&FIN5 moves to layer 0
&FIN6 spot 0.980 273 72 then FIN6 faces right and FIN6 starts talk_phone_happy_loop
&FIN6 moves to layer 4
@transition fade in black in 3
@pause for a beat
#beat ends
#beat starts
@pause for a beat
#beat ends
#beat starts
@pause for a beat
#beat ends
#beat starts


But it won’t show. Did I do something wrong?

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Weather effects don’t show when previewing on the portal.

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They’ve always shown before

Did you test it on the app?

I’m having the same issues too.

The latest update has fixed it

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I noticed yesterday. I’m so happy that it’s fixed.

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its not fixed for me. its still not showing on portal how do I fix it?

try updating

how do i do that?

Update the app