WEATHER EFFECTS: Thunder/Lightning Storm

We have sound effects for it, but not the weather. Pretty self-explained.

Please help me with the others. :confounded:
I would really appreciate it!


Well it can be done. Use the hard rain and a lightning overlay is probably the best way to go. It would be pretty hard for there to be lightning made by episode because when you think about it, it would all be the same size and strike at only one spot. What if you want the lightning to strike farther back because that’s what makes sense with the background you used? Idk, using an overlay just seems a bit more reasonable and logical in my opinion.

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That’s a good idea, but people have already done that for a long time. I’m surprised Episode hadn’t created it themselves yet so that’s why I’m requesting it now. To be honest, they might take the hard rain and just add dim flashes of light in the background, which would help with bolts overlays or no bolts overlays.

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