Weather effects⚡

How do I add weather effects in the middle of the scene? Is there any chance where we could just add it like a command instead of re doing the bg and whole placement scene?


i don’t think so unfortunately

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Hi @Prelynn.episode :yay: :blob_sun:

do mean like add the weather effect



@Prelynn.episode do mean that kind of coding

yeah like, add the weather effects like @add RAIN or some command like that :joy: Because it’s a bit complicated to add the default weather effect command when I want the rain in the middle of the scene. So I was expecting something like the command I mentioned above. If not, I’ll go struggle to re write the background and character placements again, adding the weather effects :joy: :woman_facepalming:


I don’t think there’s a way lol i wish there was, it would be a lot easier
Edit: I LOVE how we have the same location!! :smirk: :heartpulse:

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sorry but episode don’t have add rain code for @add but they do have one that is with LIGHT SNOW and to add a background to it :blob_sun: @Prelynn.episode

Yasssssssss bruh💅

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Thank you very much dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I somehow managed to do it :joy: it’s all good noww :relieved:

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you’re welcome :yay: oh :blob_sun:

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can anyone tell me how to make it rain i just cant figure it out myself

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You can code the background again with effects and add the same positions! make it faster so it doesn’t show you changed the bg again!

Just write the Background name add with and then LIGHT RAIN or RAIN

i tryed that i didnt work

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You need to add the word effect


still no

If you are viewing this on the web previewer then it is a glitch that has been going on for some time. So you have to test this on the app in order for the weather effect to work properly.

okay how would i get the app on a windows

I think the @Angel.L means to view it in the app on your phone (correct me if I’m wrong) here’s how you get there if you don’t know how:

  1. go into the app in your phone

  2. go to the 3 horizontal lines at the top left (you should come up with a list)

  3. click on “create” (It will ask you to sign in here)

you should be able to view you story from there.

Hope this helps! :grin:

okay but you cant write a story on a phone no more honey

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