Web / App Preview Differences


I’m sure this has been asked a billion times but…

Working on my first story. Getting ready to publish the first 3 episodes. Everything looks good in Web Preview but when I preview in app there are weird glitches like dancing characters swaying in opposite directions (doesn’t happen in web preview) or layering not working the same like it does in web preview. I tried to reset my story progress in app but suddenly I can’t seem to find that option in the app?


Pretty sure that the web previewer can not be 100% trusted, lol. Hence why they say to test your story in the app. It’s best to adjust it according to what’s on your phone screen


How can I reset story progress on my phone app? Can’t seem to find that option anymore.


It should come up as an option when you click on the navigation tab


Ah ha!


Also found my script errors and adjusted. All seems to be working now.


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: