Web crashing PLEASE HELPP!

Ok so many people have been having this problem where you can’t edit the script and the web keep crashing and then it shows something like ‘a problem repeatedly occurred on this site’.
I tried downloading different browsers but it doesn’t work there either🥲
Someone said to clear cookies or something? I have an iPad and I don’t find any option in safari that says clear cookies. I cleared the history and everything but it changes nothing, if someone has an iPad can you let me know how to do this ?
Or if there’s anyone for who some other way worked ?
Any help would be appreciated!:heart:
@Tory @Sydney_H

Hey so after a little google searching: How to Delete Site Specific Cookies in Safari for iPhone or iPad this shows how to clear website data on safari. :slight_smile: Hope it helps and that your site starts working again.

(Also double check that your safari is running the latest update - sometimes on tablets that can cause an issue with loading/refresh speeds etc. So, just a thought to check out especially if you don’t have it set to auto-system update. )

I did this and I’m still getting the same error. Thank you for your help btw.

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Sorry, maybe submit a support ticket so they know it’s an issue for ipad users.
Here’s the link: https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new that should at least get you a little tech support or at the very very least, let them know that it’s an issue needing attention.

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