Web not working (FIXED!)

Hey everyone,
i’ve been coding these days and everything was fine until two days ago the script page started to get frozen and not letting me save for some reason. Does anyone have this error too?


Does it give u an error saying “script is to long ?”

If not I would suggest sending a help/support ticket (if u need the link lmk )

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Nope, it says RESULT_CODE_HUNG :frowning:

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Yeah I would suggest sending a help ticket then…

I’ve never seen that error b4 but I would copy your code on a doc whenever u add something to it just to make sure you don’t lose it .

Sorry! I fixed it! The reason it wasn’t working was because I changed some hardware settings on google chrome, I apologize! Thank you for your help <3

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No worries , glad you was able to fix it