Web Preview Is Not Working

Hey everyone! So, a few days ago, as I was writing my story, I went to preview it but it said:
Error: LinkError: table import I is smaller than initial 26126, got 21984.
It worked fine before and I use Google Chrome, which was recommended, on a MacBook Pro. I tried to restart the page, as well as my computer, but nothing seems to work :frowning: Any suggestions?

This is a known issue that the team is currently working on. Please submit a help ticket to the support team to let them know. Thanks :smiley:

I think I found a way to avoid it… I was using google chrome as well. Then I switched to fire fox to see if there was change, now Im using fix fox and it works perfect!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I tried it out and it worked!

I’m here to help! :slight_smile: