Web Previewer Issue Solution

For all of you who are having the same problem with the previewer issue,…

  1. Refresh your page, and if it doesn’t work…
  2. Exit your website then go to a new website or tab to go back to your script.

That preview issue WILL ALWAYS do that very often, so just Refresh your browsers or website or tab however you want to call it to go back to your script. Simple. Boom.

That’s not that simple. :confounded: I had enough of refreshing, cleaning my browser etc. even this is not helping. Web Preview was working completely fine before this update. Errors popping up even after refreshing or opening a new tab…

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Damn! I guess Episode having big problems.

I dont know why Episode updated it in the first place! Ugh!

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or at least let a few people test it before releasing it to everyone


There are already multiple topics describing this issue and similar issues in the Writer’s Portal Bug. To everyone who is having issues, please submit a help ticket to the support team. Thanks :smiley: