Web previewer saying Error 11!

Every time I go to preview my story it freezes and says error 11!

Error 11 is usually a error in the script. Check all the names to make sure they are spelled right, clothing names when they change are spelled right and if you are spot directing make sure that is right. Often times I for the word “is” while doing a command.

There is no error in my script.

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I would try refreshing if everything is fine. It can be overly finicky.

Error 11 appears when you write a clothing name that does not exist. Double check if you actually saved the clothing and then try again after refreshing the page.

That is incorrect. All my outfits were perfectly written. My script it exactly the same as earlier and it’s working fine now.

I guess it was just a glitch with the previewer itself because it’s fine now all on it’s own!

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I had this problem today. I clean the cache and the history in the data then shut down my computer and then it worked.