Wedding daydreams


Last night I dreamed about my own wedding and I don’t even know who I got married to, but my dress was amazing and now I’m daydreaming the whole day about my wedding although I don’t even have a boyfriend. I even looked at wedding dresses earlier.
Although for many of you marriage is still far away in the future, I think a lot of girls (and probably also boys) are daydreaming about their weddings. I’d like to know how you imagine your perfect wedding. Dresses, places, people, food, etc. What do you want to see on your special day?


I would love to see my husband (or wife in some cases) show up… idk about all of u… :woman_shrugging:


I’m pretty weird, I want a goth wedding where everyone wears black and red haha.


Also I might wear a suit instead of a dress that would be fun


I want a proper cinderella themed wedding. I want the big ass carriage, I want the bouquet of flowers, I want the something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. I want to do really soppy wedding vows with my husband, then I want our venue to be over looking the beautiful horizons on a hilltop.


Ah same. I am too young to think about marriage but when I do get married I would want a fairy tale themed marriage and like a big carriage like Cinderella’a as you said and like sparkles in decoration. Idk how to describe it. You know what I mean.