Weights v Cardio discussion

I find the weights v cardio argument awfully annoying. You know when people say stuff like “weights are better than cardio” or “cardio are better than weights”. Both are good for weight and fat loss. I’m also unsure that people say that it’s better to do cardio after weights though I’m used to doing cardio before weights. What about you?


@MezoriaThorn I sit on my ass and binge watch Netflix so whatever you’re doing is great :smile:


Mee too :joy:

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In my gym class we always do weights then cardio, but in conditioning for my sport we do cardio then weights. I personally like doing cardio before weight training, but I also just really prefer weight training so I’m biased on that I guess. I don’t really think there’s any general benefits to beginning with either, it probably depends on you specifically (I could be wrong though).

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I prefer cardio personally only because it is just easier and also funner.

Like…lifting weights is fine I guess, but you have to buy weights or find things to lift, so there’s that extra little sliver of work you gotta put in and cardio, I just like walking at night, listening to loud music, so. shrugs

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Haha don’t worry, I’m the same on my days off at the gym

That still works.

Sometimes weights can be painful as hell but they help with fat loss

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I wouldn’t know. I’ve barely ever tried weights. LOL

@brinn I’m the same. I prefer to do cardio first then weights. But nutrition should come first as well.

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I don’t work out as I guess i’m a good weight for my age and yeah. I really don’t like cardioo though/ I spend my time doing this playing other weird games… . on my sofa with a blanket all day

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That’s fair enough, as long as you’re healthy.


Generally I do a 10 - 15 min cardio warm up, 20 - 30 mins weights, then another 10 - 15 cardio before stretching. ( When I am being good about working out )

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What weights do you use at the gym? Machine or free weights?

Either. I prefer machines for legs and dumbbells for arms/upper body.

Aw cool.

How about you?

20 mins on the treadmill then I do mostly cable workouts and machine weights for 40 mins. I’m at the gym 3/4 days a week. Yourself?

Oh man … inconsistently :smile:
I’m a new mom so life has been hectic but trying to commit to twice a week.

Aw when did you give birth? I guess it’s difficult for pregnant women or mothers these days.
It’s even worse that it’s winter and it makes you lazy af, I know the feeling even though I’m not preggie or a mother myself lol

11 months ago lol
But we’ve been getting hit with one daycare plague after another.