Weird app glitch? Is any other user having this issue?

A few days ago when I opened the app, it restarted as if I just installed it. I had to “ok” the new privacy policy, but when I did that, it asked me to pick a story to read. I clicked on one and it said “Thank you for reading!” Then I went to my profile to login, and it said that I had ten people who read my story. But I have more than that! So when I wanted to read someone else’s story, it showed the little orange progress bar at the bottom (I’m more than halfway through) but then when I played it, it restarted to episode one! All of my community-written stories I added to my shelf were also gone. It says that “profiles are here!” Yet I already am signed in. I have restarted the app countless times and my device multiple times.

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That’s happened to me before but you should be able to send a help ticket to @Sydney_H

But the thing is when this happened to me I had to delete the app for a few days while they fixed it so that might happen to you

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Thank you so much!!!

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@AshlynG thanks for tagging me in this issue! Just as a side note, I can only point users toward the help ticket link, I don’t actually handle tickets or solve app issues. :wink:

So, I reported it to pocketgems and Episode fixed it in less than 24 hours! I did have to delete the app, then they told me when I could re-install it. Thanks again, all! :kissing_heart: