Weird bug on the portal

Is it just me or do the characters not do some of the animations on the app but they work fine on the portal? I’ve checked, there’s deffo an animation there…

-The characters don’t do the talk_neutral animation

  • The characters are not walking but sliding when there’s a walking animation.

Could it be due to the bug?


When I go on the app to check if there’s any errors because sometimes the directing looks different on the app than the portal, and I skip like 60 lines to get to the part I want to check, suddenly they’ll stop doing animations and they’ll slide across.

Literally! It’s so annoying! Why?

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Even I guess the sound would stop working and the zooms will be messed up.

Now the animations won’t work at all! On the portal the animations and advanced directing work fine but on the app, the characters are sliding like there’s no tomorrow. And speaking with their mouths closed. It’s really annoying! I’ve submitted a ticket and got no help whatsoever…

Update. So now the characters are not doing most of their animations on the app. Will episode have an update to address this issue?

Try exiting the app multiple times(remove it from the recently open tabs) and everytime you open it click on update script, restart story progress or restart episode.

Also, I can’t restart a story I’m previewing on the app, just have to use the navigation tab.

I have it chooses when to work and when not to…it’s really frustrating

Writing on the app? Didn’t they get rid of that?

Sorry, I meant previewing my story on the app, I’ll change it.


I eventually gave up and put a note at the beginning. Episode on ice. Let it sliiiiideeee :rofl::rofl: