Weird dreams you've had

I’ve had not one but two dreams that the characters in Episode actually talked. As in, I could hear them speaking clear as day as the text appeared, accents and everything (like a recording). It was so realistic I had to question myself if that was a feature :rofl::pleading_face:


A lot of my dreams are weirds. One of the weird dream I remember the most was: walking to the endless street in the forest with endless people and they were all looking at me with glassy eyes. But I didn’t greet one of them, just walk, and that’s all. It’s so weird, a bit creepy, and even weirder I felt tired.

And I made it as a story, not for Episode though :tipping_hand_woman:

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I have like SO MANY dreams. (especially weird ones)
Like you know how they transition and are totally random? Once I dreamt of peppa pig opening a box of apples and suddenly went to a mall exploding (?)
Also there was me (separate dream) on an amusement park slide and my friend fell off (!!!:() and then I was like NOOOo and I jumped down to get her and next thing I’m in a hot air balloon flying and its now night time and there are floating picnic mats and lanterns glowing in the sky and people are eating somehow and I see my teacher and the friend who fell off is with me too on the hot air balloon basket thing and we’re floating and I wave to the teacher but we can’t get down to the picnic mats and we cant get down (that was so scary )
Kinda funny how the 1st part of the dream was falling , the 2nd flying up and can’t get down (that is even scarier than falling omg)


Lately, my dreams have just been teasing me! Like, I’ll dream that a new game came out and I was able to play it or something (Splatoon 3).

Or recently, I dreamt I had an interaction with the actors of Nancy and Robin from Stranger Things, Natalia and Maya. Natalia playfully poked my shoulder and I started laughing. She then asked, “Are you crying?”

I said, “No, I’m laughing.”

Then Maya said, “Oh, that’s good. LOL”.

Then I woke up…

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If only that were true and we got a text to speech option for characters. Instead of those random sound effects.

thats so strange (no pun intended :skull:)

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My dream the other week involved Kenneth Branagh driving a bus to my high school.

I’m not in high school anymore :eye::lips::eye:


Okay but the most important thing is … Kenneth Branagh from the 90s when he was young or him now?

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I don’t remember :rofl:

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I lot of my dreams are crazy, but lately i keep dreaming of someone trying to murder me. Last night it was a family friend and the night before it was a demon lol

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I had a dream where I was hanging on the back of a moving school bus that was swerving like crazy and I was fighting for my life trying to grip onto the bumper. :skull:


LOL that sounds like fun in a lucid dream ngl. but if u think it’s real then :skull::nail_care:

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OMDS so basically it was a long ream right (but here’s the main premise):
So i was with my friends yh, and several metres ahead there was a huge forest stretching to the left then north east was all this empty land and i turn to the RIGHT, and there’s a whole farm there.
So this woman right comes out the farm and gives us her dirty donkey yeah, (don’t ask me why :sob: ) and she was like can you wash it please? I need him back very soon and told us where to wash her dirty donkey; So I was like ‘yeah calm I’ll wash it dw.’

I done grabbed the dirty donkey and he runs into the mf forest squealing :sob: . So I’m like shitshitshit and i go into the forest to find the stupid donkey yeah.

----I go into the forest and a wholeeee sequence of events and mini-dreams unrealated happen

And i FINALLY leave the forest and i still cant find the f*cking dirty donkey yeah and i see it running off to some recycling game ting. LONG STORY SHORT, It’s like evening now and I come back with the donkey and It’s still fucking dirty cuz i didn’t get time to wash itttt. This farm woman starts screaming and crying and shouting at me saying I didn’t wash her donkey and I’m just there like okay but why did i have to wash it in the first place like tfff. :sob: :sob:


This a very weird nightmare that I had when I was 7 years old. I laugh at it now because of how ridiculous it sounds now.

So the dream starts in this very creepy-looking bouncehouse type of building. It was abnormally huge, the floor was made out of the bouncy-material, and there was only a tiny area in the back for employees. So I’m in this bouncehouse with my mom and sister, and we’re bouncing away, and the first thing I notice is how empty the place was. It seemed like my family and I were the only ones in the building. If this would’ve happened in real life, we would’ve gotten out of there as fast as we could, but this was a nightmare, so it had to continue forward.

A door that allows people to enter the employees only area suddenly opened and caught my attention. Without much thought, I went inside, and as I did that my family was completely oblivious, somehow. So I go inside, and I see these very long, maze-like hallways that had caution tape all over them. I went through some of it, I guess to observe more of the area, and then suddenly I hear a very scary dinosaur sound.

Rightfully terrified, I turn around to go back to my family, but as I do that, the entrance door was suddenly locked. I tried to open it but couldn’t, so I was in danger. More dinosaur sounds echoed in the hallways, and I knew that I couldn’t stay in one spot, or else my chances of meeting whatever was out there was higher. So I went through the hallways, I went though a lot of caution tape, and it was like that for a while.

I notice the dinosaur sounds being louder, so I try to run back where I came from, but end up lost. I stumble upon a bathroom and hide in a stall. I see an open vent area above me and climb up there to go through it. As I do that, a very angry dog comes out of nowhere and when I looked down from the vent area, I see it barking at me aggressively. And then suddenly the dinosaur sounds were abnormally loud, so with my back facing the dog, I crawled through the vent area.

Miraculously, I end up climbing out and meeting my family again. They finished jumping and were looking for me, and when they saw me, they were relieved. We all left, and that was that.


The other day I had a dream that I was standing at the top of a really tall cliff and my mom was standing behind me throwing nonstop insults at me, telling me to jump, laughing and calling me weak if I cried or got upset until I finally jumped then it ended with me “falling” and waking up. She’s that crazy in real life too so didn’t surprise me tbh :joy:

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I once dreamt I was at a karaoke bar, and a whole bunch of my favorite singers were there, yet there weren’t any karaoke machines. Just a large dance floor, maybe it was a stage, because there were curtains, and those colorful lights all over. Suddenly, I find myself singing Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”, in Bobby Brown’s voice. Everyone starts dancing along as I just go with it and start enjoying it. Once the song ends, everyone is cheering as I leave the “stage” and head “backstage”, then I wake up with that song still in my head.

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I keep dreaming I wake up to a few million reads and payments unlocked. :joy::joy: that to me is weird.


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