Weird Guilty Pleasures?



idky but one of mine is when soda fizzes up and you have enough time to drink the fizzy part and then it goes down. lmao thats really weird but :woman_shrugging:

EDIT- we will not judge your weird guilty pleasures :slight_smile: so please share if you wish

What's your guilty pleasure?

I love doing that


Okay, this is a bit weird but after I cough I make this really weird noise. It is just very satisfying when I make the noise lol.

More “normal guilty pleasures” have to be trashy reality TV shows, really gooey rom-coms and even some cliche episode stories (lmao what even?) :joy:


I sometimes chew on my sleeve
I bite the inside of my cheeks when i’m in deep thought
I chew a small piece of paper
I pour glue on my hand and wait for it to try then peel it off


omg i remember one time when i was like nine i kept pouring glue on my hand just to peel it off :joy:


IT’S VERY SATISFYING, my teacher back in middle school got so annoyed she took the glue away from it and threw it in the bin smh




Wait what is your glue?


Like the brand? um elmers liquid glue i think


No did you buy it?


lmaooo also one time in art i accidentally spilled some glue on my hand and my friend was like “why aren’t u gonna wash it off” and my ass said “because i want to peel it off”


ye i did


I really hope she bought you another one. What is her problem anyway? It’s your hand


My friend was like me, whenever i poured glue on my hand she would want some on hers too, then after 5 minutes its finished smh


Meh, no biggie. She wasn’t the best teacher and she didn’t like me for some reason. It was a long time ago anyway


I really love drinking the fizzy part, too. I’ve been doing this my whole life hahaha :joy:


Lol another guilty pleasure is when I let out a loudass burp :smiley:


Am i the only one that hates sodas. Whenever i have a soda i let it sit for a while to defizz and then drink it


I’ve done the glue thing. It’s so much fun! :smiley:

Also I paint my nails with cheap polish, wait for it to dry, and then peal it off to start over. :relaxed:


omg sometimes i paint my nails just to peal it off and especially when the nail polish goes off with one peal oooh