Weird looking backgrounds

Does anyone know why my backgrounds look so zoomed in? It all looks squished together for some reason.

I feel like other stories allow you to see their legs and the background isn’t so small I guess. Did I mess the zooms up… (I have some in my story)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think your camera is too zoomed out, all you have to do is go to camera and zoom it in, you might have to focus it too

Go to the camera tab for directing and press zoom reset or for each scene type in @zoom reset
There’s a chance the zooms are messed up if you added some and didn’t reset the zoom for the next scene

Oh, I’ve done that. This is just me playing around with the camera to try and figure out the issue. The background just looks smooshed together to me for some reason. I’m wondering how to get all the three characters into this one zone. I wish there was some way to expand the zone. I’ve read other stories and they always have the character’s feet in the scene and are able to have multiple characters in a scene.

Here’s what my story looks like normally:

So do zoom reset after all my backgrounds?

If you want your bg to go back to its default state, yes you do have to use the @zoom reset command. I’d then proceed to spot directing your character if you don’t want them in the messy “screen right, left and center” spots. :dizzy:

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Yep! It would be very helpful

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I see. Thanks for the info! Time to get back to writing!

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No prob, good luck! :blush:

:ok_hand: :+1:

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