Weird Nicknames


So I randomly came up with my own nickname potato queen because I look a mess :joy:. What nicknames have you claimed yourself? Also the potato is a reference to my head shape and acne. :joy:

Also nicknames for our friends I guess :heartpulse:
I call my sister amaiya Oreo :joy:


well you guys know the show Dexsters labratory.

most of my childhood i was called deedee. cause i serisly sounded like her Danish voice


Caramel :joy:


That’s cute :heartpulse:


I’m hungry now :joy:


I always say I’m such a potato when I mess up something :joy:


Leema, Newnie, Salima. Salamander, Salmon.


I’ve never heard those before :joy:


It’s supposed to be close to my real name so that’s what they call me. :see_no_evil:


becky or bekka


Oh ok :sparkling_heart:


That’s cute :heartpulse:


My mom calls me Jaz Jazzy or Shanae
Middle name madness


Random, Supergirl


I like those :heartpulse:


Lor, Coots
Anime Folk Art, by my fiance actually.

It actually started as Anime Fuck Fart…

Because I watched an anime once and I’m an artist…
He still calls me that every now and then.




my sure name is savić, so people call me savka.


:joy: That’s cute and unique :heartpulse:


Cool :sunglasses::sparkling_heart: