Weird Nicknames


Seriously? That’s kinda mean. Do they mean it in a joking way though?


Yeah, I mostly call myself that tbh :joy::sob:


Potato Brownie :joy:


Tf? This boy named “George” called me porny, bitch what? It’s horny god damn.


Ew George can suck my dick sorry not sorry.


It’s true tbh I showed a picture of a website with porn. And he was like “Ewww you a hoe.”
And I said “Hey George, you need man bras. Atleast something for your chest. I thought you were a girl”. Then I pointed afterwords he had a boner from the pictures.







And I roasted this other guy on my bus named Mark. And he said “Those kit kats look good”. And I said back to him “Wow, WELL WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LOOK LIKE MY DIRTY CLOTHES?


Those stains are bigger than their futures smh.


Mine is
:neutral_face: I am called toot and Tootabug bc when I was little I farted a lot so yahhhhh




The names are family call us by :joy:


Umm that is awesome!!


WHy are boys such assholes? (Not all of them OBVIOUSLY)




My mother told me a story, It’s called THE FARTING BABY
When I was born, I started farting, and it smelt like a skunk let gas. The lady beside my mother said “Boo, are you okay? I smell shit near you.” And I was just dead up laughing interrupting her story. Then I said to my mom you should have said: “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were talking to yourself”.
Afterwards it had been me they were smelling. And ever since that day…
It was a traudition idk how to spell so :woman_shrugging:


Hey your friends with @SakuraCheam right?




Hehe that’s awesome