Weird Nicknames


I love granny lol


We love a good granny pterodactyl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We shall summon the granny


This one guy in my class called me a “Lesbian”, and ahem he was really cute.


And this is cancer boy who called me horny: when we were in 5th tho WHEN

Worst hairline of the year goes to Donald trump (tbh I’m sowwy :joy:)


:sob::rage: Also all of the boys who I talk to all look like 5 year olds so rip


LMAOOO :joy::joy::joy:


What can I say… :sunglasses:


Ik. There is this one kid. Who needs to get help. He looks so weird. And OMG THAT MOLE ON HIS FACE MAKES IT WORSE!
Like he puts booger’s on the mole to make it salty and eat it :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


EWW I am about to eat dinner why would you do this to me?? :sob::sob:


IM SOWWY, I didn’t get a warning about it




W H Y but hello


Can someone please come up with a nickname for me?


i’ve got one more my adobtive father called me “LUMPY” he called me that even though i had kids of my own . he’d say “LUMPY” is short for “SUGAR-LUMP”


My list of nicknames:
Xylo (everyday nickname)
Smexy legend (ooh yasz!)
Xylophone Persephone (You probably don’t like me :rofl:)
Vampire teeth (meh.)
Xy (meh)
Xylophone (It’s Xylophia.)
X (boring.)
Xylie (Don’t you dare call me that!)
That person who sings in the mall (yeh, that’s good!)


i dont have any, want to give me one? :joy::heart:


A lot of people call me Kitty Cat :joy:


Mine are so weird, idek why people call me that. Like, most of them are foods, like why foods lmao? :joy::joy::joy:

Sushi (I honestly don’t know who started it. @SilverStar did, I think and at one point, I was known as sushi instead of Saasha) :joy:

Sashimi (this one’s by @loveyourself even though neither of us knew what it means until we googled it)

Cookie and then later, kookie (@sofia2 had this random idea to call me cookie but recently she changed it to kookie, who knows why?)

Baddy (Now this one describes me a little, maybe? @24aya gave me the nickname but now, a lot of people have started calling me that. 🤷‍♀)

Mrs. Lol (This one I should have seen coming tbh. At one point, I changed my username to Sushi_lol, not gonna go into details right now but dang! That was hilarious!) :joy:

And ooh, the weirdest one, NastyButtSushi (@Secretz_lol kinda gave me that name since he claimed that’s what my username Badass Saasha means, which it totally doesn’t.) :joy:


LmAo, remember your oreo pfp…now I’m hungry :ok_hand:t3::relieved::relieved::relieved:
AnD kookie is cuz I am weird :shushing_face:


That I already know. :joy:

Ohh yes! Now I remember.

Aren’t you always? :joy: