Weird Nicknames


Lmaooo now I’m gonna eat pizza :shushing_face::smirk::wink:


:sob: Now you made me hungry!

Btw you got any weird nicknames?

I am trying not to go off topic. It’s really hard! :joy:


@leslie_giselle calls me Sofi
@DazzledSnowFlake calls me Lolgurlsofi, Sufi or bunny
@AS007 called me Mushu
@_haruka calls me Susu
@Lauren.H calls me Fifi
@BadassSaasha calls me crazy bihhh :ok_hand:t3::smirk:


You gonna blur that or what? :joy:


should I?


I mean, unless you like getting flagged, yes you should. :joy::joy::joy:


Nobody really calls me anything except my family and a few friends :joy:


People call me Crystal duh, Shade (from my real name) , Penguin(Don’t even ask), Kitty, AS, Luna, Dummy :joy:


I call you Sof too :joy:

Mostly everyone calls me Les
But only Sof can call me Lesy :smile:


Sashimi is deliciousss! Have you ever tried it?


Looollll, :joy::relieved::relieved::relieved:




Hi Bean!!!


Hey. I’m at school right now oof :pensive:


I’m getting ready for school double oof


I have alegbra finals today


I’ve been called Bonequesha and Shanequa :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nope. Is it? I never even knew it existed until recently.


It’s delicious!


I coined “Everythingslayer” from a slight hentai-anime game dating parody. An “Everythingslayer” was the top rank for one of the jobs.