Weird Nicknames


Noice. :sunglasses:


Welp I tried: Moonie.


I am called: bicycle by @NemesisDarkFox, Harukaaaaaaaaaaaa by @DazzledSnowFlake, Haruka the X-Ray by myself and Haru by @loveyourself and Ruku by @Mondalsushanta637


Haru means day in Korean.


Wow, cool! It means spring (the season) in Japanese. Did you know, the word for pepper in Japanese is the same as the (South, I think) Korean word for it? I find it so cool for some reason lol


Really? That is cool!


Ice cream as well, I think. I mean, it’s the same in English, but the pronunciation in both languages is the same- ai-su-ku-lee-mu






But I often call you Ruku too :pleading_face:


Hm? What do you mean :confounded:


Growing up in Ogden Utah BC I had red curly hair she the original movie Annie came out that’s what all the kids in my 5th grade class they’d say “ANNIE THE SUN CAME OUT TOMORROW” HEHE


You win :sob:


in irl my nickname is Jossu, Jo-jo, jahu or joshua. (real name johanna)

But here everyone just calls me Jossu, :heart:

The jahu means flour in english :smiley:


Does anyone like webtoons, or have it?


People call me Kitty


ahem I may or may not call @SakuraCheam SakunaMatata :lion:




they call me Nike for some stupid reason in real life (my real name is Annika BTW, so I guess you can put out the relation :upside_down_face:)


If it comforts you, Nike originally was the name of a Goddess. :sunglasses: